Don't Let Minor Mishaps
Cease Your Adventure

Contains ingredients that treat and support wound healing.
Protects injuries from bacteria, dust, and external substances.
Easy-to-use spray for fast and hassle-free application during emergencies.
Travel-friendly packaging so you can bring Akutol along. Anytime, anywhere.
akutol spray

Protective Plastic Bandage Spray

Akutol™ Spray is used for a quick treatment of minor cuts, scratches, and abrasions. The waterproof layer protects wound from external substances, is flexible, and supports wound healing. Just spray on, and move on!


Protects Wound



Supports Healing

Why Use Akutol Spray?

Spray on, move on.

Akutol™ Stop

Bleeding Stopper Spray

Akutol™ Stop is used for a quick treatment of minor bleeding resulting from cuts, scratches, and abrasions. The alginate layer absorbs blood almost instantly, and soothes bleeding site.



Stops Bleeding Instantly

Soothes Bleeding Site

Gives Off Cooling Effect

Supports Healing

akutol stop

No Matter the Occasion

Always Be Prepared

Why Use Akutol Stop?

akutol burn spray

Akutol™ Burn Spray

Akutol™ Burn Spray is used for a quick treatment of minor home burn and sunburn. Contains high hyaluronic acid content to help cool and soothe burn area.

Akutol Comes in Handy, Anytime, Anywhere.


High Hyaluronic Acid Content

Soothes Burn Area

Keeps Burn Area Moist

Supports Healing

Why Use Akutol Burn Spray?

Akutol™ Plaster Remover

Akutol™ Plaster Remover is used for a painless removal of plasters, bandages, or medical-aid glued to the skin surface. It is suitable for sensitive skin, and reduce skin irritation caused by bandages.

akutol plaster remover


Painless Peeling

Body Hair Does Not Stick to Plaster

Gentle to Skin

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Remove Bandages Effortlessly and without Pain

Why Use Akutol Plaster Remover?

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